Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Initial site response

In the exploration of an existing edge separating land and water, a promenade- an existing fringe condition, was analyzed. The promenade creates a stark edge marking the edge of the city where it meets the sea. It creates an abrupt end to the dynamic, organic fabric of the city; the variety of interconnected systems and hybrids that characterize Mumbai are terminated. The project aims at breaking this stark edge by creating an extension of this city fabric through it. It aims at creating a system of transitions that create a more subtle shift from land to sea through an exploration of change in parameters such as light, sound, porosity, motion, color and topography through connections and variations in a module designed suitably for these expressions.
The site chosen offers a succession of impervious layers that create a stark fringe condition. As the insert aims to be an extension of the surrounding city, the nature of its occupants and its impact on the locals will be integral to the process of its design. The insert will be made sensitive to their current occupancy and foreseeable requirements.

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  1. Please include a map/ google earth image indicating the site and its immediate surroundings